This video was submitted as part of the Nott-Far Midlands Contemporary Music Symposium, 5-6 Dec 2020. It presents three people doing something together with a piano: Angela Guyton, James Redelinghuys and Kate Ledger. They centre around a piece of music that has been written for a pianist but incorporate the interplay between their subjective and objective views. Individually, they deal with delivery and success; physical separation and interpretation; priority and preference. Collaboratively, they capture seemingly pleasing qualities, attempting to tell the story from all sides by not leaving anything out. What may be found when working this way? What are the challenges when working this way?

Today’s version of the piece attempts to showcase its current stage in the process. With the finished performance scheduled for next year, the circumstances of which are still unknown, we present our hopeful yet fractured utterance. We listen and wait to see what happens next, and what arises through such vulnerable workings.

(I type this on the 8 Dec 2020 – the same day as the first Covid vaccination.)

— Kate Ledger (December 2020)