System Shock 2 remains one of the most lauded and influential video games of all time. While its genre is generally characterised as horror and action role-play, I suggest that this is an insufficient description. Rather the game is a tension between horror and ecstacy, agency and helplessness; these paradoxes are exemplified by the audio […]

Think-Do-Living the Embodied Musicking Subject This portfolio of compositions and commentary takes as its subject the musicking body and the entanglement of embodiment and composition. The five practical projects are all centred on a constellation of concerns about the musicking body which the thesis develops. The first chapter is a phenomenology of my creative practice, […]

I clearly remember my first experience of attending a midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I knew all the words (I must have watched it hundreds of times as a questioning teenager) but I wasn’t quite sure of the actions, the responses, the rituals, including many lewd references to people’s anatomies that I won’t […]

Engaging audiences in new music On the 5th May 2019, Maja Palser and I co-curated MOVE|MEANT, a performance and installation platform for multidisciplinary and collaborative performance (held in the Stained Glass Centre). The event was initially an opportunity for us to showcase and record pieces for our respective PhDs, but I believe it evolved into […]