j.n.m. redelinghuys is a South African-born composer, and performer, and musicologist based in York, UK. They studied clarinet with Shannon Mowday and Morné van Heerden, piano with Mareli Stolp and Ilse Myburgh, organ with Kevin Kraak, and composition with Clare Loveday. j completed a BA with Honours at the University of Cambridge, supervised by Dr Kim Ashton and Dr Ed Nesbit, specializing in composition, analysis of new music, and ethnomusicology, and an MA by Research at the University of York, exploring theatrical technique in composition, supervised by Prof. Roger Marsh. They are continuing with a PhD in Composition, supervised by Prof. Bill Brooks, looking at embodiment in music, with a particular emphasis on queering binaries (body/mind, subject/object, composer/performer).

Fictional biography:

j.n.m. redelinghuys was born in 786 in Styria. ze was sired as a vampire by the Karnstein family 25 years later. fleeing to Britain, ze adopted the identity of Morgaine of the Fairies. finding zir way to South Africa in the 1950s, ze fed indiscriminately on members of the National Party. ze is currently studying for a PhD in embodied composition, blood magic, and necromancy, ironically with the notable vampire hunter Prof. Williams Brooks.