Angie Guyton

Nov. 17, 2020: I’m an artist. ● I currently live in the woods in Portugal and plan to be here for a long while. It is extraordinarily beautiful here. ● Recently, one of my dogs died. Her name was Mako. A beautiful black and brindle staffordshire bull terrier with a great cynical sense of humor. I’m lucky I was able to take care of her for her entire life, and to be able to think of her now. ● Feb. 4, 2020: deadlift top set, 5 reps: 110kg / 242.5lbs ● September 24, 2018: I am a very lucky person. ● March 15, 2018: We haven’t seen each other in a long time. ● I am unrecognizable to myself absent of the relationship to the process of making art. Maybe you have some. Maybe you’ve just seen one of my videos. ● I’m trying to not bring that soft Wason. ● I would be grateful if these groceries could be provide for when I stay over for an extended weekend: ● 2 or 3 of the greenest mangos you can find ● soy milk (if possible) · some green apples ● 1 block of chedder cheese ● jar of those pickled cocktail onions (the white ones and little, not the big brown ones) ● omg, if they have Lucky Charms please buy me Lucky Charms. ● cans of soup (potato and leek and/or cream of chicken preferably) ● About me by Jan 24, 2016: I was able to lucid dream 1 time. ● I am trying to identify with all the warm meat, not just the parts that make the words. ● “The philosophy of organism inverts the order, and conceives the thought as a constituent operation in the creation of the occasional thinker,” Alfred North Whitehead said. ● “Well then maybe sometimes I also slip into being _____. But _____ isn’t as self-conscious,” Angie thought.

Kate Ledger

Kate Victoria Ledger was born in York, lived in Huddersfield for 10 years, then moved back to York in 2013. In 2011 she married Iain Harrison in Scissett, Huddersfield. She wore a Dolce and Gabbana dress and walked down the isle to Monochrome by Lush. She gave birth to her first baby at 00:08 on 15th August 2013. She weighed 8’ 5” and was named Beatrice. She was born in a birthing pool at the Huddersfield Birth Centre. She gave birth to her second baby at 21:26 on 14th May 2015. He weighed 9’ 8” and was named Miles. He was born in a birthday pool at her then home on Chatsworth Terrace. She bought her house in 2016 and has spent the last 4 years renovating it. She loves gardening, knitting, meditating and singing to Björk.

j.n.m. redelinghuys

j.n.m. redelinghuys was born in 786 in Styria. ze was sired as a vampire by the Karnstein family 25 years later. fleeing to Britain, ze adopted the identity of Morgaine of the Fairies. finding zir way to South Africa in the 1950s, ze fed indiscriminately on members of the National Party. ze is currently studying for a PhD in embodied composition, blood magic, and necromancy, ironically with the notable vampire hunter Prof. Williams Brooks.