The Musical Possibility of Queer Spaces

I clearly remember my first experience of attending a midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I knew all the words (I must have watched it hundreds of times as a questioning teenager) but I wasn’t quite sure of the actions, the responses, the rituals, including many lewd references to people’s anatomies that I won’t repeat here. I was lucky enough to sit next to an immaculately dressed Frank-N-Furter who showed me what to do, what to say. There were at least two other notable Franks in the theatre. Off course there is Tim Curry’s fabulous performance on screen. Midnight screenings also have a ‘shadow cast’, members of the audience who act out the film in front of the screen, guaranteeing yet another Frank. All three were dressed in drag, but they also performed drags of each other, each remaking the transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania in their own unique way. 

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