A cisgender, heterosexual gaze is prevalent in Western art music. It is ingrained in our academia, and almost unquestioningly accepted in composition, performance, and listening practices. It extends into other arts and academic disciplines, and into all areas of life (this last point should, hopefully, surprise no-one). Sadly, even when the topic of ‘queerness’ is […]

 My, admittedly brief, experience with British music academia has shown me an irrational prejudice against any music that breaks the ideals of the 19th century German model. Texts such as Richard Taruskin’s Oxford History of Western Music depicts a crescendo towards Wagner, followed by a diminishment of music, relieved only by the new tonal language of […]

If there is one thing living in the UK has taught me, it is that I am South African – proudly South African. The culture shock was unexpected, slightly unnerving, yet rewarding. It has, to use a terrible cliché, enabled me to ‘find’ myself. My identity is now firmly South African, but to what extent […]