SAMO© SHIT SONGS is based on a series of text fragments from the notebooks of Jean-Michel Basquiat. These unfinished poems, sketches, art concepts, dialogues, and mundane notes-to-self reflect a person struggling with issues of identity and addiction – incredibly relevant topics in today’s world. The score doesn’t attempt to correct Basquiat’s unusual handwriting or eccentric page layout – rather, these idiosyncrasies are used to direct the musical expression, and serve as a catalyst for a theatrical performance.

SAMO© as an end to the 9 to 5 “I went to-college” “not 2-nite honey” bluz think

SAMO© for those of us who merely tolerate civilization

SAMO© for the so·called avant·garde

SAMO© 4 all you ‘bad hombres’ & nasty women

Ella Taylor (soprano) James Redelinghuys (composer/pianist)

Performed at MOVE|MEANT (5th May 2019) at the Stained Glass Centre, York.