Dance Curves

Dance Curves takes as its starting point a series of drawings by Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky’s lines abstract Charlotte Rudolph’s photographs of the dancer/choreographer Gret Palucca, simplifying the structure, yet highlighting the contours and movements of the body.

This series of pieces aims to translate the static images of Kandinsky and Rudolph back into the performance context in which Palucca worked. The pieces represent the images both sonically, and in literal gestures, some of which directly quote the images, and some of which abstract them even further.

Live version: Vanessa Grasse (dance artist), performed 05/05/2019

Ensemble version: Claire Babington (cello), Kate Harrison-Ledger (piano), Valerie Pearson (violin), Pal Kerekes (sound engineer), Rebecca Gallon (videographer)