Ensemble  ·   Theatrical  ·   Vocal  ·   Solo


4 Characters for 4 Players
for string quartet

Imp of the Perverse
for flute, oboe, clarinet in B-flat dbl. bass clarinet, bassoon, marimba, piano, harp, 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 contrabass

5 Character Pieces
for children’s piano trio

Stim 🔗
for bass clarinet and piano

a snippet of a ritual hidden from the audience: slightly altered, very affected, flame grilled [mp4]
for string quartet

Theatrical and Dance

‘It isn’t a noise…’ 🔗
for 9 performers (singing, speech, body percussion)

Murphy vs Mr Endon [mp4] [pdf]
for 2 chess players, 2 pianos, and narrator
alternate version for narrator and 1 piano

Auras 🔗
introduction, theme, and symptoms of temporal lobe epilepsy
for clarinettist (B-flat and bass clarinet), cellist (with 2 celli), piano, and live electronics

Dance Curves [mp3] [mp4] [pdf]
for violin, cello, piano, and dancer

Voices of Birds in Queer Harmony [mp4] [pdf]
for 2 solo vocalists, percussionist, SSATB chorus, and projection

Graham Works
suite for 3 percussionists and fixed media (video and audio)


The Tyger
for SATB and piano

3 Lyrical Pieces
for soprano and alto

Tractatus Logico Philosophicus [mp3] [pdf]
for coloratura soprano and piano

Three Aspects of Snow [pdf]
for SSA

SAMO© SHIT SONGS [mp4] [pdf]
for soprano and piano


Pièce d’Orgue
for organ

Sonatas for Unprepared Piano
for piano and music stand

Petrichor [mp3]
for organ

etude for diaphragm, tongue, mouth, and fingers
(with a clarinet in the way)
for solo clarinet

for solo clarinet (preferably in A)